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Hello subscribers,

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to my blog this summer!  My Internet Marketing class is coming to an end today, so I will leave this blog with a link to a survey that our professor would like everyone to take.

It is a quick survey, should only take a minute or 2.  Thanks for your support.



Life Hacks

Connie sent me another great link that has several info-graphics that give general ideas to make your life easier.  Who doesn’t want their life a little bit easier?


The chain trick sounds a little criminal to me...

Find the rest of these graphics here.



Professor’s wishes…



So I know that you may not like getting emails about this blog all the time, but our professor just informed us that he will be counting subscribers on June 23rd, or next THURSDAY.  So if you could, please stay subscribed until after that day, then you can run for the hills, or stick around to hang out with me.  Either way.

Also, found a very helpful site call When it Drops (, that tells you what new releases in movies, tv shows, books and video games are on their way.


New Ideas

Hey friends,

I thought that it would be a good idea for all of you to send in anything that you find interesting such as: photos, videos, articles, art, anything you can think of.  If it is entertaining then send it in!  I would prefer to receive original content (anything that you personally did), but anything that you find will work too.

Send it in by commenting on this post, or email it to me at  Check back soon to see if it made it up or not.

To start it off, here is a guy in a banana suit.  Send stuff in!



UPDATE:  Connie sent me an awesome site that explores the entire scale of the universe, from the smallest to the largest matter in existence.

Visit HERE


Hey Reddit!


Today I posted for the first time on Reddit, it is a link to my final art project from Freshman year.  I’ll post it here too so there is SOMETHING on the page.

Go to Reddit and upvote me so that more people can see my work/ get back to this blog!

Also, image relative:   6 Ominous Trends in Video Games

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New Blog

Hey everybody,

My summer Internet Marketing class is having a competition to see which student can bring in the most subscribers to their blog.  So if you are here, help a brother out and hit the subscribe button located on the top of the page!